5 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts To Inspire Romance All Year Round.

As we exit the Christmas holidays and get into the swing of the new year, another gift buying occasion is upon us....

Pegged as the universal day to express your love since 496AD, Valentine's Day is embraced by some, and ignored by others. (After all, shouldn't every day be seen as an opportunity to exchange loving words or gestures?)

We tend to agree, which is why we've created the following list of romantic Valentine's Day gifts that will 'keep on giving..." These gifts are not just 'things', but centrepieces of special moments that will inspire you both to carve out some time to celebrate your love, all year round!


1. Personalised Wine Cooler Bag. 

Nothing says "I love you" quite like sharing a delicious meal and your favourite bottle. Our bespoke wine cooler bags are designed in Sydney in collaboration with customers, and handcrafted from quality vegan leather and hardware; complete with your choice of gold or silver embossing. Inscribe it with both your initials, a special date or a loving message and carry it with you on date nights throughout the year. 

Enter the code LOVE at the checkout between now and Feb 8 to receive 15% off our entire range of wine cooler bags and gift box sets.

Personalised Wine Cooler Bag Valentine's Day Gift


2. Coffee Subscription. 

What's the next best thing to waking up together every morning? Kick-starting the day over a shared cup of coffee! Another gift designed to create a moment of connection between you and your partner, every day of the year! May your bottomless cup be overflowing with love... There are some great options on the Good Food Guide's list; and Nespresso also have a subscription service. 

Coffee Subscription for Valentine's Day


3. Herb Garden.

Does your partner enjoy cooking, but hate paying a premium for packaged supermarket herbs? This is your ultimate Valentine's Day gift. You don't need to be a green thumb or have a huge amount of space to grow basic herbs like Rosemary, Basil and Thyme; just some small pots, sunshine, water and (of course); a little love. A quick trip to Bunnings and you will both be enjoying the "fruits" (or should we say - "herbs!") of your labour throughout the year!

 Herb Garden Valentine's Day Gift


4. Fitness Tracker. 

If getting healthier is on the agenda for the new year, a pair of matching fitness trackers could be the best thing you could ever give (and receive!) Check out PC Mag's top picks for fitness trackers.  Map out some romantic brisk walks together using the map my run app, and spend quality time walking, talking, and feeling fabulous afterwards!

Fitness Tracker Valentine's Day Gift

5. Theatre Subscription.

If you both share a love of live shows, you can't go past an annual subscription for two. Whether you're a lover of Opera, Dance or Theatre, there are so many options to choose from. It's the perfect excuse to block out some special "us time" in the diary, and support an industry that's experienced a lot of set-backs over the last couple of years. 

Theatre Subscription Valentines Day

As you can see, a single gift can stand the test of time and inspire a wealth of romantic experiences. So if you're shopping for Valentine's Day, think beyond the product and imagine the joy the item might spark in your relationship, far beyond February 14...



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