Why "BYO" Deserves A Makeover

"BYO" culture in Australia for decades has been synonymous with a 'cheap and cheerful' meal, accompanied by an equally-as-affordable bottle of 'plonk,' lovingly wrapped in a brown paper bag by the 'bottle-o' a few doors down. 

Despite how fondly we may conjure up such a visual, it is indeed, a narrow and somewhat outdated representation of this wonderful custom that we have come to enjoy in Australia.

You only need to look at some of the restaurants giving customers the option to "BYO" around Sydney such as Tetsuya's, Chiosco by Ormeggio, Fix and Ripples, to realise that perceptions and behaviours have changed, and that the act of BYO is no longer just about saving money, but about giving the customer greater control over a critical component of the dining experience. A special meal out can be taken to new heights if a special bottle that has been set aside can be enjoyed along with it. 

It is indeed, high time that "BYO" got a facelift, so we have chosen to celebrate this cultural shift with a new range of designer wine cooler bags, disguised as stylish handbags and totes. 

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