Top 4 gifts to buy a wine lover (by search ranking)

For many years I was a Customer Experience (CX) and digital consultant, so I can't help but take a data-driven approach to most things!

One of the best ways to tap into the minds and wallets of a customer is by looking at what they are searching for. Customers use search when they are actively looking for something, so it's a great piece of behavioural data to gage purchase intent and trends.

So, here are my "top 4" gift ideas for wine lovers; based on the most commonly searched wine terms in  Australia 

1. Wine rack:

Yep, apart from wine itself, wine racks are the most popular wine-related products according to Ubersuggest; (which makes sense, because if someone is buying wine, they will be needing somewhere to put it!) Wine racks come in all shapes and sizes, and may not be something you might think of purchasing as a gift, unless you know the person and their wine storage set up well. Still, there are some REALLY gorgeous racks out there, some look like pieces of art and might be given just as much for their aesthetic as their functional appeal.


2. Wine glasses: 

An essential part of the wine experience, the right wine glass can enhance the aromas and taste of a wine. If you know the type of wine your recipient prefers, you can make your wine glass gift feel far more personal by buying them the wine glass shape that's best suited to their taste. Does shape really make a difference? Experts believe it does. For example, white wines are usually served in smaller bowled glasses, to help preserve floral aromas, maintain a cooler temperature and express more acidity in the wine. Aged or full bodied whites are better served in a slightly wider glass to help emphasise the creamy texture. Similarly, the large "Bordeaux" style glass is best for those who love their big reds, like a gutsy Cab Sav or Shiraz, as it has a larger surface area to let the ethanol evaporate, and the wide opening makes the wine taste smoother, and the red wine glasses with smaller openings are better for lighter style wines with more delicate aromas. 


3. Wine decanter:

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves their reds. Wine decanters are used on red wine that has some age to it. Allowing oxygen to pass through the wine opens it up, helping the tannins mellow out and the flavours become more apparent. Traditional decanters are the bulbous style glass vessels you see in restaurants; with wide bottoms and narrow tops; into which an entire bottle can be emptied and enjoyed. However, if you know someone who prefers to enjoy just a glass at a time; an aerator might be a better idea, and there are some great, cost-effective products on the market nowadays.


4. Wine cooler / bag:

We have a huge "BYO" culture in Australia and often carry our wine out of the home to consume it; whether it's to a restaurant, a picnic, a friend's house or a party. Wine coolers are the perfect way to transport wine in style; and some can be insulated to keep the wine at the desired temperature for many hours. Like the stylish 2-bottle wine cooler bag we have just released, which can be personalised with your recipient's name or initials. What a brilliant gift idea!

So there you have it folks, the numbers have spoken! No fake news here; just hard data to help guide you towards the perfect wine gift; whether it's for yourself or someone else.




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